Tiger woods and private jet

As professional golfers become richer and approach higher levels of celebrity, more and more turn to private jets as a means of travel.

Tiger Woods, the No. 1 player in the World Golf Ranking, said Tuesday that private jets have become the only sensible form of transportation for celebrity golfers.

He uses them for the privacy; others use them for the convenience.

''If you've seen me at a golf tournament, you know how big a crowd I attract,'' Woods said. ''It's the same way at an airport. And, once I get to my seat on the plane, there's no way I can sleep because people are always wanting autographs.''

After much speculation it was confirmed this week that the world's wealthiest and most famous athlete, Tiger Woods, had arrived in Belize! Immediately following the British Open golf tournament in Scotland, Woods boarded a private jet and headed for the pampered luxury of Cayo Espanto Resort.

NetJets has expanded to 440 aircraft, over 2,100 pilots, and a control-center staff of over 900 (including ten full-time meteorologist). If it were a commercial airline it would probably rank sixth or seventh in the country. Surprisingly, 20 percent of NetJets owners are individuals (including Tiger Woods and Pete Sampras), and 50 percent are privately held companies rather than major corporations.

The Smoking Gun got their mitts on Tiger Woods' private jet travel requirements and while it's nothing scandalous, it does offer a glimpse into the life of the world's luckiest man. (By the way, Eldrick, you might might want to keep your eye on this guy. No, seriously.) So, if you ever have the occasion to fly with Woods (i.e. wait on him at 30,000 feet), here are some things to keep in mind: Tiger woods jet picture...